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1. %98.5 pure Aluminum.
2. High uniformity and smoothness in products.
3. High strength and hardness and non targility.
4. Holds the US and Canadian Eco Friendly standard mark (eco-certification)
5. Recyclable product.
6. Kimflon granite interior marble cover.
7. Heat-resistant silicone paints.
8. Hygiene product & compliance with all health permits manufactured by the Ministry of Health.
9. 18 months’ warranty
10. The hygienic edge of the entire glass lid.
11. With steam valve incorporating 3 bumps on the edges of the pyrex door for steam extraction)
12. Indirect heat resistance of bakelite handles up to 120°€
13. The body thickness of the products is 4 mm and the inner granite coating is 4 layers.
14. Aluminum or Carbon steel hardened write zinc.
15. 7000pm non-stick abrasion resistance tested.


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